This report will enable you to learn:

  • The data behind why companies using messaging achieve better financial results
  • Why employees at companies using messaging are more engaged
  • How to track performance and get the most out of messaging
  • Why and how messaging helps improve customer satisfaction

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This report is based off of recent findings from Aberdeen’s CEM Executive’s Agenda 2017 study which revealed the top trends and best practices influencing modern buyer / seller interactions.

Companies using messaging achieve 25% greater annual growth in revenue, compared to peers that are not using messaging (19.4% vs. 15.5%). They also see a substantial increase (8.6%) in average profit margin per customer.

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What is Messaging and Why Does It Matter?

Modern consumers have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to quick, in the moment, mobile communication. In addition to text messaging, which has been around for more than twenty years, customers today have numerous messaging options. Consumers can use everything from social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, to in-app messaging, to widely adopted 3rd-party messaging applications such as Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp. Ultimately, these channels all provide legitimate options for consumers to communicate with the brands of their choice. Consumers choose these options particularly due to the convenience factor.