Effortless customer service on digital messaging channels

Customer-centric enterprises worldwide partner with Sparkcentral to decrease phone calls, eliminate customer service email, and drastically improve their live chat experience and customer satisfaction rates.

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An Enterprise-grade Automated Messaging Distribution (AMD) platform

Enterprise contact centers operate an ACD to manage large volume customer service interactions on traditional and mainly synchronous channels like voice, live chat, and email. Similarly, our purpose-built AMD provides an unparalleled feature set for powering a scalable and cost-efficient messaging customer service operation for all digital channels.

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All the digital channels your customers use

Social Customer Care
on public social channels

Live Chat in your
website or mobile app

WhatsApp & Co.
to message with your customers

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter DM
  • SMS (notifications and 2-way)
  • WeChat* (coming soon)

Why a messaging-first customer service strategy makes sense

Support costs are significantly lower with messaging


Consumers, globally, want to message versus call your business

72% of consumers text someone before they call them

5 billion global consumers use messaging apps daily

89% of consumers would prefer to message businesses

20 points higher CSAT score than voice channels

western union logo

We’ve grown Western Union’s social care requests by 50x in the last three years.  Using Sparkcentral has enabled our team to scale seamlessly and focus on what they do best – caring for our customers!

Karen O’Brien
VP of Global Social Media

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When we saw the collaborative workflow in Sparkcentral, it clicked – this software was built for teams like ours.

Laurie Meacham
Manager of Customer Commitment

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Sparkcentral really allows us to take ownership of issues, regardless of where our customers are reaching out.

Sean Hubbard
Tech Support Lead

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