Power low effort 1:1 service interactions

The Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform

The way to win customer loyalty today is to reduce customer effort in engaging with your company, particularly on social and mobile channels. Customers are 4x more likely to be disloyal if you force them to move from social channels to phone or chat to get their issues resolved. Simply meeting customer expectations of receiving timely and relevant help on their preferred channel can improve customer lifetime value, reduce customer service costs and decrease customer churn. Make receiving, delivering, and measuring social and mobile customer service effortless with Sparkcentral.

Social Customer

For your customers

From Twitter to Facebook to Messenger and beyond, make it easy for your customers to reach you and value their time by providing full service resolution no matter the channel.

customer service agent

For your agents

Make it easy and enjoyable for them to do their work by getting the right messages to the right agent at the right time. Go one step further by arming them with complete and contextual customer information.

customer service manager

For your managers

Have visibility into team performance and lower the cost of servicing customers. Track and measure customer satisfaction, evaluate agent performance and use your data to optimize your team’s effectiveness.


Within the first week of using Sparkcentral, the guest relations team at Jack in the Box was able to double the amount of conversations they were able to handle. Now the team can handle triple that amount, thanks to the native workflow of the Sparkcentral platform.

Enterprise Integrations

Eliminate fragmented customer experiences that make customers jump from channel to channel and serve them on social channels in the same way as phone and chat.

  • Collect and verify personally identifiable information (PII) in a secure manner
  • Build a comprehensive picture of the customer by pulling in important contact attribute information from your CRM platform
  • Incorporate customer interactions on social channels into the overall customer record

Create contextual, fun, and complete experiences

Sparkcentral Clients