Download this report and learn:

  • Learn how social media marketing has given rise to the need for social customer service
  • Understand the limitations of leaving social customer service to you marketing team
  • Learn how social customer service can develop long-lasting relationships that drive revenue over time
  • Learn how to stay competitive by forging a dialogue between marketing and customer service, using social media as the bridge between the gap

Until recently, marketing teams were hailed the leaders of social media, driving and measuring engagement, audience metrics, increasing reach and establishing brand visibility at the forefront of digital marketing. Today, as more and more brands invest in their social media presence and offer meaningful engagement with customers, the growing expectation for customer service on social has given rise to the need for customer service teams to step into the social arena and work with marketing.

While marketing and customer service represent two distinct business functions, smart companies recognize that in order to maintain consistent customer experiences, they must leverage cross-departmental collaboration and integration between customer service and marketing. Read this whitepaper to learn how to blend marketing and customer care and keep your brand’s promise of delivering phenomenal customer service.

While your marketing team should certainly remain in the social media fray, you have to deploy other troops to counter any concerns, questions or criticism that may be streaming in through the social web.