Social Media Customer Service on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Engage with your customers on social channels. Resolve social media customer service issues fast and reliably. Optimize and scale your company’s digital care with Sparkcentral.


Resolve customer support issues on social channels

Customers are more likely to interact with brands on social media for customer service than for marketing purposes. Are you prepared to serve your customers on Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels? Our optimized workflow provides a streamlined experience with the ability to securely collect customer information.

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As our customers are increasingly social and mobile, it is essential that we have a fully integrated program in place to serve them across digital channels. Partnering with Sparkcentral has enabled us to scale customer support for a highly engaged digital community consisting of over 10 million people across the world.


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Create effortless interactions resulting in increased CSAT

Social media integrations present a convenient way to answer customer questions and resolve issues. As brands reply, resolve, and remember customer conversation history, they create meaningful connections and increase customer satisfaction. Digital care teams continually report the highest customer and employee satisfaction in the contact center.

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Likes and Hides

Benefit from an intuitive and modern agent interface

Your agents deserve an efficient and effective workflow. The Sparkcentral Agent Desktop is optimized for exactly that. No unnecessary clicks, no confusing menus, and “likes” or hidden posts look just like you would expect it. The result is a better agent experience, which immediately affects the customer experience in return.

Agent Productivity Features

The Social Customer Service Agent: How to Hire, Pay, Train, Measure and Retail

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Scale enterprise-level social media engagements

Enterprises powering social customer service with Sparkcentral report 235% year-over-year growth in their online digital support programs. Our advanced customer service reporting and analytics functionality helps brands understand and act on customer, channel, and team data in real-time and historically. Get the alerts and insights you need to take action immediately.

Reporting and Analytics

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective?

When you put Sparkcentral to use you receive more than a proven platform, you also get expert guidance and playbooks designed to make your team more successful.

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