SMS Customer Service

Sparkcentral for SMS lets businesses engage with customers over SMS texting. Expand your social customer service with 2-way SMS, one of the most popular messaging channels on the planet.

Engage with your customers on the most ubiquitous channel

90% of SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes by the intended recipient. That puts it way in front of any other communication channel. SMS is personal, and thus an ideal medium to provide personalized customer service — from humans to humans.

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Deflect Calls and Lower Cost in the Contact Center

Call Deflection With SMS

SMS can be used to lower cost in the contact center. Calls can be deflected by sending a proactive message to your callers, right within the IVR experience. Rather than spending a lot of money on expensive speech self-service, lead your customers to the digital channel that promises a better customer experience and lower operational cost.

One dashboard for all messaging channels

Sparkcentral provides one centralized agent dashboard and reporting to provide personalized customer service on social media and messaging combined, so that new channels are fully integrated on day 1, not new siloes in your customer service ecosystem. SMS is no exception, and having a consolidated overview of all incoming service channels is key to be able to scale messaging customer service.

What SMS can do for customer service

Use cases can span from simple outbound notifications (booking or purchase confirmations, order receipts, delivery notifications, payment or appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, …) to customer service and support (billing inquiries, product updates, engagement with personal advisors, customer onboarding activities, handling of urgent issues, …)

Ready to Take your SMS Customer Service to the Masses?

When you put Sparkcentral to use you receive more than a proven platform, you also get expert guidance and playbooks designed to make your team more successful.

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