Proactive Notifications

What if you could prevent that inbound call or chat by delivering proactive updates and timely information before a need to contact you arises?

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When you have an information advantage over your customers, bring it back into balance

Contact centers often face overwhelming inbound call volume that results in long wait times and decreased customer satisfaction.

Many customer questions are not only easy to answer, but also easy to anticipate and address with a simple proactive notification.

  • Appointment reminders
  • Payment reminders
  • Shipping status updates
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Inventory updates
  • Applications or claim status updates
  • Post-service surveys
  • Fraud alerts

Why proactive engagement through messaging?

Engage effortlessly

Reach out to customers through convenient and non-intrusive messaging channels. Sparkcentral supports sending Proactive Notifications over SMS, WhatsApp, and chat.

Reduce customer service costs

Deflect calls and email inquiries by reaching out to customers on familiar, low-cost messaging channels.

Reduce operations cost

Proactive reminders are an easy way to reduce costs around appointment no-shows and rescheduling activities, an easy way to improve on-time payments, and more.

Improve customer satisfaction

Address issues early and resolve them faster for improved CSAT and NPS scores while building lasting loyalty.

Collect feedback quicker and with less effort

Surveys are an important way to understand what your business is doing well and where it needs to improve.

It’s also crucial for understanding and following up on specific customer issues.

Proactive notifications are a low-effort way to get feedback. Customers can easily respond when it’s convenient or while multi-tasking. The result is an increase in customer feedback.

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Most contact centers are reactive, customers reach out to brands in search of answers to their questions. A preemptive method to ensure higher customer satisfaction and loyalty is proactive engagement.

proactive engagement

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