Measure customer satisfaction, track team performance, and gain insightful data to optimize your team’s operations


Capture your customer’s voice
and measure their loyalty and satisfaction


Know what’s happening
with key performance metrics


Understand and optimize
your team’s performance and workload

Sparkcentral’s advanced customer service reporting and analytics functionality helps you understand and act on your customer and team data.


Customer Feedback with Twitter

Become one of the first brands to capture customer feedback directly within Twitter

Easily collect and capture NPS and CSAT feedback from customers on Twitter immediately after the conversation is resolved.  

Analyze customer voice via a Customer Feedback Dashboard that shows NPS and CSAT scores along with historical trends for both.

Supply feedback reports to managers and senior leadership in order to drive visibility and improvements.



Real-Time Metrics Dashboard

Keep a pulse on key contact center performance metrics, adapt to customer demand, optimize staffing, and gain context around incoming conversations

Get insights into what topics and issues are trending along with agent availability and other key contact center metrics and coordinate your response to volume spikes and still deliver outstanding service.



“Sparkcentral’s reporting functionality and Real-Time Metrics dashboard have given us an intuitive and simple way to keep a pulse on our social media engagement.  This, coupled with Sparkcentral’s powerful workflow and routing functionality, makes for a seamless process as we take care of our customers when it matters most.”
Laurie Meacham, Manager Customer Commitment



Measure Agent Performance 

Agent Response Quality Report

Helps managers and agents understand the impact of their responses on the customer experience.  

Review individual and team messages in real-time and over a specified range of time

Monitor agent customer interaction quality during onboarding and on an ongoing basis

Focus training efforts to better foster employee development

Agent Performance Metrics Report

Enables managers to review individual agent productivity
and efficiency.  

Track key metrics such as handle time, response time, time available/away, number of resolves, replies, and more

Review performance across agents and channels, and forecast performance benchmarks

Stay ahead of the competition