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Sunrun Case Study
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Sunrun’s Dedicated Social Service Strategy

Not sure your brand has enough social engagement to form a dedicated care team? Read how Sunrun's early investment in a dedicated social service strategy made them the leader in solar social care.

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The QSR Executive’s Playbook for Social Care and Engagement

Would you like fries with that? Read this guide to delivering amazing customer experiences at your quick service restaurant. We serve up best practices, hiring and staffing tips and other sure-fire ways to upgrade your operations in this industry-specific guide.

airline datasheet for social cs
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Airline Social Customer Service

Leading a social care team at an airline? Get industry-tested best practices for taking your airline's social customer service team to new heights.

salesforce datasheet for social customer service
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Salesforce Integration

Is Salesforce your CRM? Find out how to integrate Salesforce with Sparkcentral for a complete view of your customer in one easily accessible place.

secure auth for customers on social
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Secure Authentication for Social Customer Service

Are you supporting your customers securely? Find out how to increase customer trust, handle personally identifiable information securely and fully resolve customer issues securely on Twitter and Facebook with Secure Authentication.

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twitter webinar measure social customer care
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Ask the Experts!

Twitter shares features, tips and best practices for providing, scaling and measuring amazing customer care through Tweets and Direct Messages.

customer guide
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Get the honest truth in this guide that breaks down the possibilities for customer services teams today. Embrace these truths to pave the way for your company to be a leader in customer service.

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Deliver Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Read about what it takes to provide a good social customer service experience, then take it to the next level with 5 additional pointers for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

in-app datasheet
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Data Sheet: In-App Messaging

Learn how In-App Messaging enables customers to contact and interact with your brand instantly on their mobile device, directly from your mobile app.

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CRM Integration

Brands need a more comprehensive view of their customers and a better way to verify them securely on social.

retail social customer service
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Retail Therapy

Read to find out how retailers are differentiating themselves by reaching their customers exactly where they are. Get tips on how to put social customer service to increase customer loyalty and spend in this report.

With Sparkcentral, Emirates can prioritize queries to make sure the most immediate needs of travelers are addressed. Within the first day we reduced response times from 5 hours to 30 minutes.

Karen Bell-Wright, Senior Vice President, Retail and Contact Centres


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