Download this report and learn:

  • How social care can change your relationships with customers
  • How to scale your team in order to provide the best customer experience possible
  • The most critical technology for customer success
  • How to personalize every social interaction

If you want to keep your customers happy or more importantly keep them as customers, it is essential that your customer care team is available and ready to help customers on the channels they are reaching out to your brand on. Don’t make people jump through fire just to ask a question. These days, 65% of customers prefer to contact companies on social media rather than by phone.

The good news is, social customer service doesn’t have to cost your business more that other forms of support and it doesn’t have to change the way your social media team functions. Read this report to understand how to simply and effectively incorporate social customer care into your servicing strategy and enhance the social media customer experience using the digital channels your customers love.

While your marketing team should certainly remain in the social media fray, you have to deploy other troops to counter any concerns, questions or criticism that may be streaming in through the social web.