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Founded in 1985 on a reputation for excellence, Emirates Airlines always set their sights high, helping millions of passengers each year feel like they are getting the royal treatment at an affordable price when flying. Emirates knew their customers deserved and expected the same quality of service when talking with customer support as they get in all other aspects of flying, no matter where they were reaching out. After testing several solutions to provide modern, digital customer care, Emirates selected Sparkcentral to help them handle massive volume increases while significantly reduce response rates, optimize workflows and agent productivity, and enable them to provide full resolution service.

With Sparkcentral, Emirates can prioritize queries to make sure the most immediate needs of travelers are addressed. Within the first day we reduced response times from 5 hours to 30 minutes.


– Karen Bell-Wright, Senior Vice President, Retail and Contact Centres

Download this case study and see:

  • Why Emirates decided to adopt a dedicated customer care platform instead of a marketing-focused solution
  • How Sparkcentral helped Emirates handle massive volume increases while simultaneously reducing response rates
  • How Sparkcentral’s effortless workflow continues to enable Emirates to provide real-time, full resolution service to their customers

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