Focusing on customer delight is a bit like treating customers as if you’ll never see them again. If you worry about delighting them in a particular moment in time, but aren’t concerned about a long-term relationship, where does that leave you?

– Joellyn Sargent, Claravon Group.

Download this report and learn:

  • Why you should stop focusing on delighting customers and start providing low-effort customer service
  • How to increase customer loyalty and spending by making it easy for your customer to engage with your brand
  • Key elements needed to operationalize low-effort experiences

Brands today must find ways to meet customers where they are on any digital channel and match growing expectations for instantaneous issue resolution, with the least possible burden of effort on the customer. But what about delighting customers? Research suggests the long-held belief that delighted customers are loyal customers is a likely a myth. In this guide you’ll learn why delivering effortless customer experiences is more valuable for your brand than exceeding their expectations, and the key elements needed to operationalize these experiences.