Download this guide and learn:

  • How to create a world-class social service strategy with proven tactics and real-world examples
  • How to hire, train and get your social care team up and running
  • How to get started with tried and true airline-specific workflows and processes
  • How to handle the unexpected and scale accordingly

airline playbook social care

In today’s digital and ever-connected world, social media has provided more communication between airlines and their passengers than ever before. Because today’s consumers expect answers quickly and anticipate low-effort experiences when reaching out to airlines on social, airlines must incorporate social media support into their contact centers as a full service resolution channel.

When customer support is executed effectively on social channels, it results in effortless service engagements, increases guest happiness, inspires lifelong flyers and separates first-class airlines from the rest.

Sparkcentral is proud to present the first social customer service playbook for airlines, which outlines how brands like Delta, Emirates, WestJet, and JetBlue are improving airline customer service.


This playbook is essential for anyone setting up or improving an existing social customer care team. If you want to truly differentiate your airline from the rest, you need to check out this helpful resource.

-Laurie Meacham, JetBlue