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Sparkcentral for WhatsApp Business is a way for businesses to safely and reliably engage and manage conversations with customers over WhatsApp— at scale. The early access program has opened on August 1, 2018, with limited availability. Sparkcentral is an approved WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that can give your business early access.


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Sparkcentral for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is used by more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries. Businesses are hacking the consumer app for a presence on the channel today… They need an efficient messaging tool to communicate with their customers at scale. Enter Sparkcentral.

Brands like KBC Bank & Insurance, citizenM, ENGIE Electrabel, and Elsevier are exploring the use of the channel for customer service together with Sparkcentral today, with the goal to improve customer experience, streamline customer care operations, and reduce cost to serve.

  • Leading the way by innovation in the hotel industry is an important part of the citizenM culture and this includes the way we communicate with our citizens. WhatsApp is definitely the right channel to enable us to offer this type of intimate service. Together with Sparkcentral, we will be leading the way in how we manage conversations via Whatsapp and our other existing messaging channels at scale.
    JEREMY WALDER, Head of citizenConnect, citizenM
  • This extension of the Sparkcentral platform to WhatsApp Business will increase our contact channels to the benefit of our customers while reducing their effort and providing them quick and excellent service.
    JAN DE SMET, Head of Customer Service, Engie Electrabel
  • Our customers make enthusiastic use of the opportunity to message with KBC via WhatsApp and appreciate the fact that we help and speak to them through their favorite channel. To now scale and offer WhatsApp Business to all our customers, we are pleased to work with Sparkcentral and their enterprise messaging customer service platform.
    KARIN VAN HOECKE, GM Mass Retail, KBC Bank & Insurance

KBC Bank & Insurance is sharing insight into their experience with WhatsApp for customer service

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Sparkcentral Agent Desktop - Universal Queue for all Digital Messaging Channels

Sparkcentral Agent Desktop – Universal Queue for all Digital Messaging Channels

Deflect Calls and Lower Cost in the Contact Center

WhatsApp can be used to lower cost in the contact center. Calls can be deflected by sending a proactive message to your callers, right within the IVR experience. Rather than spending a lot of money on expensive speech self-service, lead your customers to the digital channel that promises the best customer experience and lowest operational cost.

“More communication with customers is better — there is no question about that. With the right strategy, more engagement can happen without increasing cost. We have to use this opportunity to redefine how engagement happens. Customer engagement is a goldmine for businesses; it just has to be executed properly.”

Joe Gagnon, CEO, Sparkcentral

Use Cases for Customer Engagement on WhatsApp:

From simple outbound notifications:

  • booking or purchase confirmations
  • order receipts
  • delivery notifications
  • payment or appointment reminders
  • two-factor authentication

to customer service and support:

  • billing inquiries
  • product updates
  • engagement with personal advisors
  • customer onboarding activities
  • handling of urgent issues

Sparkcentral provides one centralized agent dashboard and reporting to provide personalized customer service on social media and messaging combined so that new channels are fully integrated on day 1, not new siloes in your customer service ecosystem. With messaging, experience shows that with a team of only ~20% the size of a traditional voice agent pool, or 80% of a live chat pool, companies can provide significantly better service levels than before.


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