Reporting and Analytics

Measure customer satisfaction, track team performance, and gain insightful data to optimize your team’s operations

4 Ways to Track Performance and Develop Insights

In-product Dashboards

More than 14 reports available within our platform capturing all the major metrics needed to track team performance


Real-time Metrics Dashboard and API

Get insights into what topics and issues are trending along with agent availability and other key contact center metrics and coordinate your response to volume spikes and still deliver outstanding service.

Companies that use messaging achieve 2.9x greater annual increase in NPS and 25% greater annual growth in revenue than those who do not.

– Aberdeen, 2017

On-demand and Scheduled Exports

Export Conversations, Response Times, Tags and Team Metrics and use visualization tools with exports to get custom reports including SLA reports


Customer Feedback with Twitter

Easily collect and capture NPS and CSAT feedback from customers on Twitter immediately after the conversation is resolved.

Analyze customer voice via a Customer Feedback Dashboard that shows NPS and CSAT scores along with historical trends for both.

Supply feedback reports to managers and senior leadership in order to drive visibility and improvements.

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