Live Chat through In-App & In-Web Messaging

You’ve created a mobile app and web experience your customers love, but can they get live chat help when needed? Our messaging solution, embedded in your app or website, is just like web chat, except it is way better – for the CX and for your costs.


Drive adoption of your mobile app with an enhanced user experience

From VIPs to targeted segments, wow your customers by capturing uniquely personal moments and resolving issues in real-time before they escalate. Build rapport and customer loyalty with responses tailored specifically to your customer in your brand’s mobile application across devices.

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web chat messaging

Respond to customers and resolve issues faster

Advanced automation technology routes conversations to the right agent at the right time, allowing you to focus on what really matters – delighting your customers. Provide smooth customer experiences in your brand’s mobile application.

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The Sparkcentral Messaging SDK offers unparalleled ease of use for integrating live messaging into both your mobile apps and your websites

We evaluated several SDKs for in-app and in-web chat, and the Sparkcentral SDK turned out to be the easiest to integrate and use
Gerrit Schalenbourg, Head of Technology at Appwise

Use rich media and buttons in your messages

Leveraging our advanced messaging framework, agents can easily enrich messages with elements such as buttons to take advantage of rich media, something simpler channels such as SMS cannot provide.

Embed buttons in messages

Embed NPS or CSAT surveys right into the messaging experience

Agents can choose from freely configurable survey questions that allow them to quickly gather feedback while the customer is still engaging with you.

Let customers send their locations

Use location requests to help agents quickly find answers to questions about store location, transportation, logistics and others.

Let customers share location, send files

Simplify intent classification and improve routing

Provide a quick select menu to simplify how your customers can communicate their intent so that you can route the conversation to the right team.

Use Date and Time Pickers

Pre-configured date and time pickers speed up the negotiation process of finding the best time for appointments or reservations.

Don’t send your app or web visitors to your corporate hotline or email – it’s not 1998 anymore!

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