In-App & Web Messaging

Give customers direct access to service and support in your mobile app and website.

You’ve created a mobile app and web experience your customers love, but can they reach you there? Build a fully-integrated means of communicating with customers powered by Sparkcentral’s messaging.


9 out of 10 consumers would like to message a business.

– Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report 2016

Lower the cost of servicing while scaling digital operations

It’s simple: messaging costs less than chat and your customer prefer it. Using messaging for customer service improves business processes, agent efficiency, and your contact center’s bottom line with messaging ringing in ⅓ – ⅕ less than online chat.

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Companies using messaging realize a host of significant financial advantages. For example, they achieve 25% greater annual growth in revenue, compared to peers that are not using messaging (19.4% vs. 15.5%). They also see a substantial increase (8.6%) in average profit margin per customer.

Aberdeen Group, 2017

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Drive adoption of your mobile app with an enhanced user experience

From VIPs to targeted segments, wow your customers by capturing uniquely personal moments and resolving issues in real-time before they escalate. Build rapport and customer loyalty with responses tailored specifically to your customer in your brand’s mobile application across devices.

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Save 30% on Customer Service While Increasing CSAT

Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report 2016
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Respond to customers and resolve issues faster

Advanced automation technology routes conversations to the right agent at the right time, allowing you to focus on what really matters – delighting your customers. Provide smooth customer experiences in your brand’s mobile application.

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When you put Sparkcentral to use you receive more than a proven platform, you also get expert guidance and playbooks designed to make your team more successful.

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