APIs and Integrations

Sparkcentral’s Automated Messaging Distribution (AMD) Platform integrates and interacts with other key customer service applications via APIs to exchange critical information needed for optimal business operations

Available APIs


Provide agents with customer information when and where they need it. Pull in customer contact data via open RESTful API from any CRM or business application including reservations systems, outage management systems, and more.

Writeback API to update your CRM

Store a copy of your customer service interaction highlights within your company’s source-of-truth software. Write-back summaries of conversations within Sparkcentral to a CRM or a ticketing system.

Keeping CRM Up To Date

Real-time Reporting API

Assess your team’s performance and the efficiency of your digital messaging channels in the moment. Pull real-time reporting metrics from Sparkcentral and visualize in existing external dashboards

Companies that use messaging achieve 2.9x greater annual increase in NPS and 25% greater annual growth in revenue than those who do not.

– Aberdeen, 2017


Measure customer satisfaction and understand what sets digital messaging apart with Sparkcentral’s CSAT API


Proactive API

Send proactive notifications to customers on digital channels and bring any responses back into the Sparkcentral platform for resolution by an agent

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