Laser-focused on Agent Productivity

Pull in conversations from multiple channels into a single desktop interface and expedite agent ramp-up time

Universal Queue and Automation

Customer queries from all channels shown in one queue; no switching necessary. Smart automation improves agent efficiency.

Automation for optimal efficiency
Auto-resolve conversations that don’t need an agent response

Intelligent Topic and tag automation
Save agents from categorizing conversations manually

Automatic assignment
Automatically push customer conversations to available customer service agents and eliminate confusion and overlap

Topics based filtering
Agents automatically see conversations on relevant topics in their queue – no need for manual inspection

Prioritize automatically
VIP customer requests automatically prioritized to top of queue


Companies that use messaging achieve 2.9x greater annual increase in NPS and 25% greater annual growth in revenue than those who do not.

– Aberdeen, 2017

Conversation Pane

Complete conversation history of a customer’s digital interactions with you

Complete conversation history:
Agents never ask a customer to repeat themselves

Automatic ownership:
Agents automatically assigned ownership of conversation they’ve replied to. New messages from same customer automatically routed back to agent

No time-outs:
20-30% of live-chat conversations are abandoned leading to lost productivity. With messaging, there is no time-out and “abandoned” conversations start back up where they were left off

Re-assign conversations with a click 
Agents able to pass conversations to another agent when needed


Contact Attributes

Pull in customer context from other business applications to speed issue resolution


Configurable panel
Allows agents to enter relevant customer attributes once and view them there forever.

CRM integration
No need to flip between Sparkcentral and CRM/business applications. Pull in customer contact data via open RESTful API from any CRM or business application

Knowledge Base

Fast Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Agents drag and drop
Resources from Knowledge base into conversation reply box – faster than typing or copy/pasting

Ability to quickly search
and locate FAQ answers by title/content

Channel specific FAQ
collections shows agents only relevant FAQ answers


Team Chat

Space for agents to collaborate with other agents and managers without leaving the desktop

team chat

Speed resolution
Enable team experts to weigh in on complex queries

Information Distribution
Allows managers to distribute information to entire team without any leaving their desks

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