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Social Customer

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The way to maintain customer connections today is to reduce customer effort in engaging with your company.
Value their time by fully serving them on messaging and social channels. Communicate seamlessly across all social platforms, with a user-friendly Customer Engagement Platform.

Social Customer


Make it easy for your customers to reach you and provide them with amazing service regardless of the way they contact you

Collect PII and verify customer identity securely to fully resolve any issue.

Know who your customer is and understand their past interactions.

Implement a workflow that delivers conversations to the right customer service agents at the right time.

Our team works with your team to ensure a low-effort experience for your agents, managers, and customers.

Know who you’re talking to 

Data Rich Customer Profiles

Connect social profiles with CRM data for a complete picture of your customers.

Maintain customer trust by collecting needed confidential information via an encrypted environment.

Build a verified customer profile across all social channels and have necessary context needed to reach full resolution.

Show that you care by setting reminders to check in or follow up with customers.

As a part of the general support team at DreamHost, I expect my social media team to be able to cover most things and bring it to full resolution. Sparkcentral really allows us to take ownership of issues, regardless of where our customers are reaching out.

Sean Hubbard, Tech Support Lead, DreamHost

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customer service agent


Maximize agent satisfaction and productivity with an interface built to help you easily resolve customer issues

Respond fast and with context

A workflow built for enterprise teams

Avoid collisions

Automatically push customer conversations to available customer service agents and eliminate confusion and overlap.

Have context

Maintain a threaded customer conversation history across social and mobile messaging channels to reduce unnecessary back and forth with the customer.


Prioritize customers

Organize and route specific high-value customers to the right agent based on key topics, issues, or other relevant information.

Work smart, collaborate, and scale

Workflow Optimization

Keep the team up to date by communicating about key topics and trending issues within the app.

A streamlined interface keeps you focused on your customer, reducing click friction by eliminating unnecessary workflows.

Quickly share knowledge about key topics with the rest of the team and maintain consistency in responses.

Built-in automations ensure that the most urgent conversations are pushed to the next available agents.

Sparkcentral provides an effortless workflow that was built to mimic the processes of a contact center and facilitates team collaboration at scale.

Karen Bell-Wright, Senior Vice President, Retail and Contact Centres, Emirates

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customer service manager


Measure customer satisfaction, track team performance, and use your data to optimize your team’s productivity

Get context and visibility

Separate the signals from the noise and know what is happening and why. See what topics and questions are trending and create a plan to address them and drive down response times. Understand your team performance and areas of optimization.

Collect customer feedback

Collect and understand CSAT and NPS feedback. Know if your customers are satisfied with their interactions and train team members on techniques that drive the most customer loyalty.

Sparkcentral’s reporting functionality and real-time metrics dashboard have given us an intuitive and simple way to keep a pulse on our social media engagement.  This, coupled with Sparkcentral’s powerful workflow and routing functionality, makes for a seamless process as we take care of our customers when it matters most.

Laurie Meacham, Manager Customer Commitment

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Better together

Connect Sparkcentral with your existing contact center platforms for a complete view of your customers

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