Our Open CRM API will help you maintain a complete view of the customer and empower agents to deliver the best service possible.

Eliminate fragmented customer experiences that make customers jump from channel to channel and serve them on messaging channels in the same way as phone and chat.

Collect and verify personally identifiable information (PII) in a secure manner

Build a comprehensive picture of the customer by pulling in important contact attribute information from your CRM platform

Incorporate customer interactions on social channels into the overall customer record


Seamless Connections

Securely connect Sparkcentral to your existing technology platforms to create a more streamlined and contextual experience for your customers, agents, and managers.


Value customer time and create a simplified experience

Don’t make your customers have to repeat themselves to multiple agents on multiple channels.

The Open CRM API connector is built to pull in additional customer information quickly into Sparkcentral and reduce response and handle times.


77% of customers believe that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service.



Give agents a comprehensive view of customers and drive productivity


The CRM integration builds a complete profile of the customer and puts all of the information agents need in one place. Drive productivity and efficiency gains instead of wasting time toggling between different systems and tabs.


Reduce costs and channel deflections with secure authentication

Make social as viable a channel for full service support as phone and email – at 1/6 the cost.

Use Secure Authentication to collect and connect PII information with unique customer attributes in your CRM, eliminating the need to deflect customers to other channels. Once verified, a secure connection is maintained and updated over time, ensuring that the customer doesn’t have to repeat this information and agents know exactly who they are.


More organizations should be reconciling social customer data because it can contain several pieces of relevant information that can be used to enlighten customer service, digital commerce, marketing and sales activities.

Jenny Sussin, Gartner Research


Our API is open and extendable to allow you to integrate with the systems you already use


Open CRM API:  Built to be easily customized, configured, and mapped to your CRM.  Import contact data in seconds from your company’s CRM and populate into existing contacts to enrich each customer’s profile.


Salesforce Integration: An out-of-the-box integration that enables companies to link contacts and conversation histories to their Salesforce customer record. The bi-directional sync enriches the customer’s contact profile in Sparkcentral with desired contact level attributes such as case numbers, PII, membership status, and more and pushes agent notes and activities to the contact’s profile in Salesforce.

Ready to integrate social and messaging care into your contact center?