The 1st Automated Messaging Distribution (AMD) Platform

Digital Messaging Customer Service at Scale

Messaging Channels

All the channels your customers want


Consolidate spend and reduce agent training on multiple social care, mobile, messaging and live-chat tools into one platform.

Fast ramp up
Go-live and add new channels in weeks not months; Common agent desktop across channels ensures minimal agent ramp up on new channels.

Future Proofed
We will support ANY digital messaging channels that gain traction with consumers so you never need to search for a point solution.

A la carte menu
Pick any selection of channels to start based on digital care strategy.

Agent Desktop

Laser-focused on agent productivity

We’ve mapped the points in voice and live chat conversations where productivity falls off and built corresponding features in our messaging platform to eliminate the productivity leaks.

Sparkcentral pulls in conversations from multiple channels into a single desktop interface which expedites an agent’s ramp-up time on the platform as well as on new channels.


Companies that use messaging achieve 2.9x greater annual increase in NPS and 25% greater annual growth in revenue than those who do not.

– Aberdeen, 2017

Reporting and Analytics

Tailored for messaging customer care operations


At Sparkcentral we combine a deep understanding of the asynchronous messaging world and the performance goals of enterprise customer service teams. Our reporting is designed and optimized for an enterprise-scale messaging customer care operation.

APIs and Integrations

No rip and replace

Sparkcentral’s AMD can sit next to your existing ACD, CRM, WFM and reporting applications without needing any rip and replace of existing infrastructure. Our platform integrates and interacts with other key customer service applications via APIs to exchange critical information with other business applications.


Trusted by loved brands

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