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Sparkcentral is transforming the way you engage with customers

Sparkcentral has made our jobs (as agents) so much easier. It allows us to be part of the conversation in real-time, at scale and at high volume.

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Proven results with beloved brands

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Not only do we love to engage in personalized conversations with our guests, we respond fast – the average response time for us is less than 10 minutes!

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We’ve grown Western Union’s social care requests by 50x in the last three years. Using Sparkcentral has enabled our team to scale seamlessly and focus on what they do best – caring for our customers!

Karen O’Brien, VP of Global Social Media at Western Union

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Jack in the Box

Within the first week of using Sparkcentral, the guest relations team at Jack in the Box was able to double the amount of conversations they were able to handle. Now the team can handle triple that amount, thanks to the native workflow of the Sparkcentral platform.

More Success Stories

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Sunrun’s Dedicated Social Service Strategy

Not sure your brand has enough social engagement to form a dedicated care team? Read how Sunrun's early investment in a dedicated social service strategy made them the leader in solar social care.

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When you put Sparkcentral to use you receive more than a proven platform, you also get expert guidance and playbooks designed to make your team more successful.

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