WeChat is a major messaging service and social networking giant throughout Asia. Increasingly, brands are being asked to engage with and support customers on WeChat, just as they do on Facebook and Twitter. By extending our platform to include WeChat, we’re now the first enterprise-class customer service solution to help turn WeChat into a full, scalable service channel.

As companies are trying to keep their customers happy by meeting them on the channel of their choice, there is all of a sudden a massive influx of communications through social channels and messaging apps that the old outdated contact centers are not equipped to handle. According to Business Insider, “For the first time, the top four messaging apps combined have just as many users as the top four social networks.”

Become the brand you want to be with WeChat

Sparkcentral WeChat support caters towards innovative and forward-thinking brands who want to create global social customer service experiences and provide the best, most tailored customer service to their customers on any channel. While, we already unify customer engagements for brands across Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and via In-App Messaging, the extension of the platform to include WeChat is significant for a few reasons.  In a world where customer expectations are reaching an all time high, if your company can’t respond in an organized, time sensitive way, your customers will be long gone. Our vision is to enable amazing customer experiences by overhauling bloated enterprise contact center platforms. The software itself isn’t built to reach modern digital customers, and agents get weighed down by outdated interfaces and complicated processes.

Modern customers aren’t just asking you to respond quickly. They want issues to be resolved with as little effort (on their part) as necessary. According to Forrester Research, “77% of customers believe that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service.” This means companies can no longer just say, “oh we have a Facebook, you can reach us there.” Nope. They need to be wherever their customers are, meaning if you want to keep your customers, you need to be on whatever mode of communication they are on. And guess where 700 million of them are? You guessed it, on WeChat. It is available in more than 200 markets and supports more than 20 different languages.

From WeChat and beyond

We preach great customer service because we live and breath it, and at the end of the day, we are all customers. We believe technology shouldn’t hold brands back from delivering on their brand promise. Our entire platform is built to provide the solutions and training needed to turn brands into what we know they can be. We are building a platform for the future, one that allows you to easily reach your customers on whatever channel they’re on… what’s more? Since this has been our game plan from the beginning, everything is built to be as seamless as possible for both the agent and customer. No more black holes, forgotten conversations, or endless wait times. Want to see only specific topics? There’s a tag for that. Need to set a reminder for a follow-up with a customer? We’ve got boomerangs. Anything you can dream of, we’ve thought of, from WeChat and beyond.

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