Enterprises are now able to protect their customer data and brand reputation by eliminating the security risk of conducting business over social channels.

SAN FRANCISCO—October 13, 2015—Sparkcentral, a modern customer engagement platform that enables enterprises to deliver amazing customer experiences, announced today the newest addition to the platform, Secure Authentication. This latest product is made possible by the unique, extensible workflow capabilities of the Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform, which powers real-time customer support experiences at scale for many service-first brands like T-Mobile, Delta Air Lines and Discover.

Keeping customer data secure should be a top priority for every company, however social networks are not inherently secure. All interactions, including those over private or direct messages are not encrypted and stored at rest within the social network’s database. This makes all information such as PII (Personally Identifiable Information)  and PCI (Payment Card Information) shared over social potentially accessible outside of an enterprises’ support organization.

Sparkcentral’s Secure Authentication service enables enterprises to compose a branded authentication experience where sensitive customer information like account numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers can be shared through a secure and encrypted environment. Secure Authentication provides a redirect for the submission of account information directly from customers to care, enabling agents to provide quicker support after receiving the exact information they need. This data is then automatically synced to the unique customer profile in Sparkcentral for instant access by customer service agents.

According to a 2014 study by Javelin Strategy & Research, over thirty percent of social network users post their birth date. Forty-seven percent share their email address and another twelve percent their phone number.

Using Secure Authentication, brands can decrease resolution time, lower handle time, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction by resolving customer issues quickly, securely, and through the medium of their choice. Customer care teams will also benefit from increased call and email deflection as even sensitive issues can be resolved directly on social media.

“Brands are realizing that the only way to differentiate themselves from one another is to provide excellent customer service that is convenient for their customer – not for the company,” says Davy Kestens, CEO of Sparkcentral. “By using Secure Authentication, enterprises can protect their customer data and brand reputation while also maintaining  security and risk compliance requirements.”

Key Benefits

  1. Faster resolution time and happier customers: Prevent customer frustration with a seamless, transparent solution that enables customers to provide personal and confidential information and get their issues resolved within the same channel.
  1. Avoid channel hopping: Ensure customers are who they say they are by automatically requesting profile authentication with Twitter, Facebook, or branded customer accounts – like a rewards program, or membership system.
  1. Branded experience: Transform the Secure Authentication interface to match a company’s  brand. With Sparkcentral customization tools, brands can tailor the look-and-feel of the secure authentication experience in minutes.
  1. Create a unified view of the customer: Offer a simple and reliable way to connect customers to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Available immediately, Secure Authentication can be licensed as an extension to the Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform or as a stand-alone service. For more information about Sparkcentral Secure Authentication, click here.

About Sparkcentral

In an era of the empowered, hyper-connected customer, Sparkcentral is the only CRM platform for enterprises that unifies social, mobile, cloud and contextual data to proactively deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences. Customer service teams use our software to efficiently handle large amounts of inbound inquiries over social media and mobile in a fast and structured manner. Sparkcentral’s client roster includes Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Netflix, Nordstrom, Dropbox, Uber, and T-Mobile. To learn more, visit

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