The report highlights new research revealing how companies using messaging to service customers improve employee engagement and increase annual revenue

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April 13, 2017 (San Francisco) – For customer-obsessed companies focused on engaging consumers effectively, it is quickly becoming apparent that messaging, via SMS, social media and messaging apps, has shifted the way people communicate with brands. Aberdeen Group launched its new report commissioned by leading enterprise mobile and social engagement platform Sparkcentral, highlighting the benefits of using messaging for companies. The report, entitled, “Customer Messaging: Happy Customers, Productive Employees, & Better Financials” reveals that companies using messaging apps achieve a 186 percent greater annual increase in customer satisfaction over companies not using messaging. Moreover, factors contributing to customer satisfaction vastly improve for companies using messaging, such as:

  • 96 percent higher customer win-back rates
  • 111 percent lower customer effort required for customer service
  • 143 percent higher employee engagement

Messaging is successful in improving these customer satisfaction metrics because it offers companies the opportunity to reduce the effort placed on customers. It does this by leveraging the customers preferred channel and format, making it easier for them to communicate. Beyond the end-user benefits, messaging also contributes to internal process and financial improvements for companies. According to the report, companies using messaging achieved 25 percent greater annual growth in revenue and an 8.6 percent increase in the average profit margin per customer. With messaging allowing companies to reach customers and resolve issues faster than traditional communication formats, companies can be better equipped to grow top line revenue while reducing customer service costs.

“Customers today expect organizations to know them and address their needs
in a personalized and consistent fashion. At the same time, customers want to
expend as little effort as possible to make this happen,” said Omer Minkara, Principal Analyst at Aberdeen.

“Messaging allows customers to send a message to an organization
and receive support without needing to ‘hold.’ Benefits to the customer aside, messaging provides a level of historical visibility that makes it easier for employees to personalize customer conversations. As a result, messaging helps improve customer satisfaction, enhances employee engagement, and drives real financial results.”

Sparkcentral helps customer-centric brands like Netflix, Uber, Zappos, Delta Air Lines and Western Union realize these benefits by quickly and efficiently addressing customer inquiries directly within Messenger, WeChat, and in-app messaging, as well as text-based social media messaging on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“To exceed customers’ expectations, companies need to evolve their customer support processes as consumers’ preferences and everyday behaviors change – including their communication styles,” said Davy Kestens, founder and CEO at Sparkcentral. “We commissioned this Aberdeen report to highlight the value of messaging capabilities for companies, and we look forward to helping our customers enhance their own internal processes, meet the expectations of their customers and improve their bottom lines.”

Click here to download the full report: Customer Messaging: Happy Customers, Productive Employees, & Better Financials.

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