The very essence of the word “wow” implies something out of the ordinary, special, or impressive. For an organization to continually provide these types of moments, it would have to be iterating at a rate that isn’t very feasible for mid- to large-sized contact center organizations. Instead of being wowed all the time, most customers just want consistency. Give them a great experience, don’t waste their time, and ensure they receive that same level of great service every time they need help.

Easier said than done, of course, but a deeper look into customer engagement channels may provide a solution. With voice, for example, many different factors can affect customer experience:

  • How long is the IVR hold? How much time will the customer have to waste?
  • Is there a dialect or accent difference that will cause confusion and delayed resolution?
  • Is the agent going to be in a bad mood? What kind of affect will that have on their experience?

While these won’t be problems every time, they are ever-present factors that have frequently led to an inconsistent customer experience.

Text-based communication can help

On the other end of the spectrum, text-based interactions like SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or modern web chat can remove many of these inconsistencies:

  • There may be a wait, but that doesn’t bother most customers nearly as much because they’re not tied to the interaction. If an agent responds in twenty minutes, it’s not the end of the world because the customer was able to use the time as they saw fit, as opposed to having to listen to the background music the entire time they are on hold.
  • Mood and accent have no bearing over text-based interactions. As a result, the experience is extremely consistent.
  • Text-based agents are less likely to be in a bad mood than their phone-based counterparts because they experience less burnout from daily wear and tear. So, unless the agent sends some sort of devil-faced emoji, any animosity they are feeling is unlikely to be transferred through a text-based interaction.

So, can a “wow” customer experience be consistent? Organizations should aim for the “wow,” but if they land on consistent, that’s not the end of the world. If they use messaging to remove the factors that lead to inconsistent experiences, they have made a big leap forward.

Sparkcentral exists to change the way customer service is delivered, through messaging. Doing this can save money and provide a more consistent customer experience.


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