What are Facebook sponsored posts and why do they matter?

Facebook sponsored posts (also called Dark posts) are sponsored content on Facebook that do not appear on your brand’s page. Simply put, they are the ads your page shows to people on their own timelines. Since these posts do not appear on your page, the comments on them are often overlooked or ignored by marketing teams in charge of publishing the posts. However, when people see your sponsored posts in their Facebook feeds, they also see all the reactions, shares, and comments. The Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform allows teams to engage with and respond to comments on posts like these through Dark post support.

Support your marketing investments

If your business is investing in Facebook ads, it’s important to have a support and engagement strategy to match. Without the ability to reply to customer comments in real-time, your money will be promoting posts that can be littered with negative comments and customer support requests. This is actually pretty scary. When you can reply to comments on sponsored posts, you can answer prospective customers questions and give them the information needed to become loyal customers. Therefore, replying to customer comments on sponsored posts is a great way to stretch your dollar. In fact, research from Bain & Company shows that when companies engage and respond to customers over social, those customers spend 20-40% more with them.

Manage your brand reputation

Sponsored posts are shown to a target customer segment (a group of individuals who meet a set of criteria chosen by your marketing team). This allows you to get your posts in front of the most relevant audience. This is where first (and second and third) impressions are important. If you’ve selected a group to view your post, it’s important the content they see is interesting, helpful, and informative. When comments on sponsored posts get replies, your audience knows your brand is truly engaged and available on social channels. This lets your customers know early on that they can reach you on Facebook for positive and powerful experiences. Doing so leads to a growth in loyalty, advocacy, and customer lifetime value.

Increase customer engagement

Replying to comments on Facebook Sponsored posts is not just a way of increasing audience awareness of your digital servicing offerings. It’s also a great way to kick-start a conversation between your brand and your customers. While customer service interactions are an important piece of the puzzle, engagement isn’t just customer support. Ultimately, customers who experience positive social media interactions are reported to have higher customer retention rates (92% retention according to Aberdeen!) than those who are ignored and 88% of returning customers increase their purchase amount.

The next time you spend marketing budget on Facebook, make sure your digital care team is ready and able to support your customers. Be available to answer their questions or like their fun comments. If you would like to see how Sparkcentral can help your team increase engagement on Facebook Sponsored/Dark posts, let us know!

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