Forecasting social media interactions across Twitter, Facebook and other channels is still a dark art for many brands entering the world of mobile and social customer service. With the rise of social media and the always-on and increasingly impatient customer, workforce management has become a new challenge for contact centers in its own right.

To improve the analytics and reporting around social interaction volume and help enterprises staff social customer service teams more effectively, Sparkcentral is today launching new integrations with workforce management platforms Aspect and Verint. With these new platform connectors, social customer service managers can download agent performance data and start integrating social care metrics into forecasting.

Using Sparkcentral’s workforce management integrations, social customer service teams can ensure they have the right number of reps on staff at the right time and avoid throwing money away or frustrating customers by either over or under staffing.

Interested in trying out workforce management connectors? Be an early adopter and reach out for a first look at how it works.

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