Imagine this: your customer service team is beginning to struggle meeting their average handling times (AHT). While your volume hasn’t increased significantly, the types of questions customers ask might have changed. Did you know that increasingly complex customer issues are leading to higher AHT across contact centers? (Check out stat #12!) By understanding contact center stats and trends across enterprises, you can start connecting the dots to areas of opportunity for your company. We’ve brought you another list of statistics that we feel are important and valuable to your contact center. These metrics focus on your agents’ experiences and your internal processes, as well as how those factors impact your customers and your company’s bottom line.

Agents – Contact Center Stats:

Stat #1

1/3 of contact centers report improving agent experience is a top goal for 2018 - CCW Executive Report #contactcenter #agentattrition Click To Tweet

Stat #2

74% of customer service leaders acknowledge that they do not fully empower their agents to provide the best customer experience - ICMI Toolkit #contactcenter #agentattrition Click To Tweet

Stat #3

61% of contact center organizations view coaching as an investment priority for 2018 - CCW Executive Report #contactcenter #agentattrition Click To Tweet

Stat #4

18.7% of contact center managers believe limited growth potential is the leading cause of agent turnover - IMCI: Agent Apathy Report #contactcenter #agentattrition Click To Tweet

Stat #5

34% of agents want a more flexible working environment - Health of the Contact Centre Click To Tweet

Stat #6

45% of contact centers cite improving quality of knowledgebase as a priority for improving their “agent experience” - CCW Executive Report #contactcenter #agentattrition Click To Tweet


Customer Experience – Contact Center Stats:

Stat #7

80% of customers say companies put more effort into selling than providing excellent customer service - ICMI Toolkit #CX #customerservice Click To Tweet

Stat #8

1 out of 2 customers think that it’s important for companies to offer a mobile app - ICMI Toolkit #messagingcustomerservice #mobileapp Click To Tweet

Stat #9

13.5% of contact centers report that agent handle times are increasing - Contact Center Challenges and Priorities Survey #agenthandletime #contactcenter Click To Tweet

Stat #10

65% contact center leaders believe providing personalized service is a quality that defines a “customer-centric brand” - CCW Executive Report #personalizedservice #contactcenter Click To Tweet

Stat #11

Only 23% of companies say they provide a consistent experience throughout the customer journey - ICMI Toolkit #CX #customerjourney Click To Tweet

Stat #12

39% of contact center leaders report reducing customer effort is a top priority in 2018 - CCW Executive Report #contactcenter #customereffort Click To Tweet

Processes – Contact Center Stats:

Stat #13

Contact centers are 2x as likely to invest in mobile engagement (via in-app messaging and SMS) than voice recognition software in 2018 - CCW Executive Report #mobileengagement #messaging Click To Tweet

Stat #14

37% of enterprises use push notifications (but only 8% use interactive push notifications!) - Forrester Vendor Landscape: Mobile Messaging Platforms #enterprisecontactcenter #mobilemessaging Click To Tweet

Stat #15

55% of companies use at least ten channels to interact with customers - CEM Executive's Agenda 2017 #contactcenterprocesses Click To Tweet

Stat #16

2/3 of contact centers report being viewed as a “cost center” - ICMI Toolkit #costcenter #contactcenter Click To Tweet

Stat #17

Companies leveraging messaging for customer care report a 2x customer win-back than those that do not use messaging channels - Aberdeen: Customer Messaging #customermessaging Click To Tweet

Stat #18

Companies that provide messaging-based customer care report an 8.6% profit margin, compared to 1.1% without messaging - Aberdeen: Customer Messaging Report #customercare #messaging Click To Tweet


Security – Contact Center Stats:

Stat #19

The average total cost of a single data breach is $3.62 million - 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study #datasecurity Click To Tweet

Stat #20

4% of US contact center agents said they had been approached by someone outside their organization with a request to access or share customer personally identifiable information (PII) - The State of Data Security in Contact Centers… Click To Tweet

Want to get your hands on more juicy stats? Check out our other posts highlighting social media customer service and the value of digital messaging! Ready to talk about how Sparkcentral can help your team face the challenges of tomorrow? Send us a message!


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